He was born in 1972, Istanbul. He graduated from Robert College, an American High School in Istanbul. He then studied in Bogaziçi University Advanced Vocational School, Electronics and Anadolu University, Economics departments.

He started music with the band named “Space Time Continuum” with his high school friends. The band was formed as an assignment for the “Advanced Music” class. He started as a keyboard player and later became the lead singer, by popular demand from the band members. He also started DJ'ing in school parties thanks to a small Depeche Mode vinyl collection he made during a visit to Germany. He became the resident DJ in Princess Hotel, Büyükada in 1990. In the meantime, he met Kivanch K,  and they founded a group named “The Fourth Dimension” rehearsing in Bogazici University's music club room. Their first live performance was in Bogaziçi University – Spring Festival. When he was asked to be a resident DJ for Starlight Disco in Kemer, Antalya in 1991, he asked Kıvanç to come with. The duo was  only DJ'ing at first, but they also started playing live in the club after a few months. Later in 1992, the group's name was changed to “Chantage” due to easier pronounciation and multi-lingual nature of the word.

Tolga has been a member of Chantage for 20 years, and also works as a Software Consultant for a private company.